Heidi Klum hints at her ‘really extra’ 2023 Halloween costume: ‘It’s going to be good’

Heidi Klum is prepping for the debut of her own creation – her 2023 Halloween costume.

From a flesh-eating alien to Fiona and a sparkly firework, the 50-year-old supermodel not only stunts on high-fashion runways but on the red carpet for the spookiest night of the year. It’s safe to say Klum’s love for dressing up isn’t just haute couture. She’s a costume enthusiast as well, and the mother of three is already preparing to assume her character for this year’s Halloween celebration.

The America’s Got Talent judge spoke to the MailOnline last week while taping for the show, where Klum hinted at her outlandish costume plans currently in the works. “It’s going to be extra. It’s going to be really extra. I have had sleepless nights over it, you know me,” she confessed. “I have to admit, I love it. And then my gut, I feel like it’s going to be good.”

Last year, the German businesswoman shocked spectators by dressing in an all-too-realistic worm get-up, which took two years to make. Only the fashion mogul’s eyes peered through the thick and slimy coating of the cylinder costume. Speaking to the MailOnline, Klum admitted her team conveyed the same concerns over her desired look for this year as they did with her 2022 worm attire.

“They were like, ‘A worm, really?’” Klum recalled in conversation with the outlet. “They kind of wanted me to think of a plan B and a plan C, but I’m not like that. For me, it is plan A.”

“If you are thinking of all different other things, then it’s not going to be a success or it’s not going to be that major,” she continued. “Everyone around is always like: ‘Think of something different. This is crazy. And the worm is crazy.’”

Though Klum’s been known to incorporate her husband and children in the storyline for her 31 October looks, she revealed her 2023 appearance will be a solo act. She admitted: “I never know if it will be good until the day, and I don’t want to let my Halloween fans down. There are so many creative people around the world and I don’t want to let them down.”

The TV host has known her costume would only involve herself since 1 November last year, as that’s when she typically starts planning for the following year’s holiday. “When I wake up tomorrow, I start thinking of the next [costume],” Klum told People at her 2022 party.

Klum’s bubbly textured invertebrate costume followed her intricate Zombie look and 2020 toilet paper mummy. The producer gravitates toward heavy makeup and facial reconfiguration for accuracy in every character. She’s rarely recognisable on the day, except for her eyes piercing through the thick mask made to look animated for every character.

However, the style enthusiast took a break to seemingly celebrate herself in 2016, when she dressed as a Victoria’s Secret angel. Not only did Klum wear a renowned runway look from the intimates brand, but she convinced a squad of other women to mimic her look and reconstruct their facial features to look like her.

In 2013, Klum decided to hit the fast-forward function on time and dressed like an old lady. The immaculate prosthetics, which included a wrinkled collarbone and varicose veins lining her neck, crafted a look so realistic that you’d think she was many years past her age - and not the then 40 years old that she was.