Hebe Tien to release new solo album in four years

9 Apr – Hebe Tien is set to release her first solo album in four years this year, which also marks the tenth year since the S.H.E member started her solo career.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer who sat down for an interview with a magazine recently, stated that she is not trying to communicate anything through her new album, "Let It", but it is just a way for her to share her feelings with her fans.

"I didn't particularly choose a route for it. I just sing what I want and choose songs that suits my personality. If fans have something to gain from it, it will resonate with them," she added.

Asked if the album is different from her previous ones due to the fact that it would be the first to be released by her own agency, Hebe, who has always been a calm person, said that it is no different from her previous work.

"I have always learned to cherish what I gained, and accept what I lost and learn to say goodbye," she added, saying that she enjoys what she has now rather than lament on what she has lost.

Her first single "Let It" has already been released back in January this year.

(Photo Source: Hebe Tien Instagram)