Heart Evangelista's cheap local headband attracts attention

Heidi Hsia

26 Feb – Although she is known to own numerous expensive high fashion items in her collection, Heart Evangelista recently surprised many by wearing a cheap headband to her trip to Paris.

As reported on GMA News, the actress and First Lady of Sorsogon recently posted a new vlog on her Paris Fashion Week 2020 experience, where she also spoke about her outfit and preparation for the event.

However, it was the headband that attracted people's attention, after Evangelista revealed that she bought it for "P70 for four pieces" when she was in Quiapo, Manila.

When asked about the headband following the fashion week, the actress stated that she decided to wear it as it fit her well.

"I didn't expect people would react that much to it when I wore it," she said.

Evangelista also stated that she saw no issue with wearing the said headband with her expensive clothing, saying, "It's not necessarily the price tag. It's how you wear it, and how you mix and match and carry yourself."

(Photo Source: Heart Evangelista Instagram)