Heart Evangelista hates comment about "guillotine the rich"

Heidi Hsia

19 Mar – While other people's pet peeves could either be chewing with an open mouth or constantly being late, Heart Evangelista recently revealed that her pet peeve would be people making comments about wanting her to die.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress who was asked by a fan about her pet aversion, shared a tweet from a netizen who said that "Heart Evangelista is such a darling but she'll be the first in line when we start to guillotine the rich".

She then explained that she dislikes people making such comments about her.

"You really think a perfect life exists? You really think I don't have problems so bad I can't function? I've been working so so hard for 23 years and I can't be happy for myself and actually share my blessings? You seriously want to kill me?" she asked.

Evangelista stated that people should wake up and pray that everybody should be helping one another instead.

"Help cause that's what God wants. Stop hating. Start loving one another. Start making a difference. Small or big. Try harder to be better and the universe will work towards giving you more happiness," she added.

The actress also stressed her belief that love can heal.

(Photo Source: Heart Evangelista Instagram)