#HealthBytes: These healthy foods can boost immunity in children

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#HealthBytes: These healthy foods can boost immunity in children
#HealthBytes: These healthy foods can boost immunity in children

15 Sep 2021: #HealthBytes: These healthy foods can boost immunity in children

Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, children haven't been able to attend school physically. Their classes were held in virtual mode, which many parents felt impaired their learning. They wanted schools to open with safety protocols in place. Many Indian states are mulling to reopen educational institutions, while some have already reopened. In this light, these foods can guarantee your child remains fit.

Tip #1: A tasty bowl of oats, glass full of turmeric milk

Oats are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and zinc. But children usually don't like slimy oatmeal for breakfast. So to make oats yummy for them, add vegetables, nuts, fruits, or other tasty things. You can also choose flavored oats variants. Also, a glass of milk with turmeric powder can accompany the bowl of oats. This combination is a powerhouse of nutrition.

Tip #2: Make sure the lunch is tempting for your little one

Children are finicky eaters; so, their lunch should be tempting. In this case, choose items like chilled yogurt mixed with fruits, dry fruits, and seeds. Not only is yogurt tasty, but it's a probiotic, which acts as a critical immunity booster for your child. Serve such items along with healthy meals. A smoothie or milkshake, made of fruits and berries, is another healthy option.

Tip #3: These snacks can provide ample energy to your kid

Next, it's time for snacks! Cut carrots, cucumber, and berries in slices, and add rock salt. To make this salad tastier and healthier, mix in some pieces of boiled egg. You can also go for homemade sandwiches with red meat, beans, and cabbage. Ensure dark green vegetables are added to every meal. Also, replace sugar in your recipes with substitutes like jaggery or honey.

Caution: End note: Check for food reactions, ensure physical activity

While opting for healthier foods for your kids, you should also watch out for any allergic reactions in them. If they fall ill after eating a certain item, contact your doctor. Also, ensure your kid indulges in physical activity regularly. It aids in proper growth and increases appetite. This might seem impossible, amid the pandemic, so make them do yoga, skipping, etc., at home.

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