#HealthBytes: Hate almonds? You are missing out on these benefits

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#HealthBytes: Hate almonds? You are missing out on these benefits
#HealthBytes: Hate almonds? You are missing out on these benefits

21 Aug 2021: #HealthBytes: Hate almonds? You are missing out on these benefits

Almonds or badam are probably the most popular tree nuts in the world. These delicious nuts can be consumed in various ways and are most commonly eaten as a roasted snack or as an addition to sweet delicacies. The nuts are also churned to make refreshing almond milk in summers. If you love your almonds, here are more healthy reasons to munch on them.

Blood pressure: Helps in lowering the blood pressure levels

Hypertension has been linked to several serious illnesses like heart attacks and kidney failure. A deficiency in magnesium can be one of the causes for a person to have high blood pressure and consuming foods high in this nutrient will help curb the issue. Almonds are a rich source of magnesium and including them in the daily diet will help control blood pressure.

Oxidative stress: Protects the body against oxidative stress

The brown outer skin of almonds is rich in antioxidants and hence blanched almonds with the skin removed aren't a great option from a health perspective. Oxidative stress caused by the free radicals in the body can cause aging, inflammation, and cancer. However, several studies prove that consuming almonds can significantly reduce the markers of oxidative damage in the body.

Cholestrol: Reduces the bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

High levels of bad cholesterol in the blood is a major cause of heart diseases and consuming almonds can help increase good cholesterol, while simultaneously lowering bad cholesterol levels. A 16-week study conducted on 65 participants with prediabetes found that a diet, which contained 20% of calories from almonds, lowered the bad cholesterol levels by an average of 12.4 mg/dL.

Bone health: Contains nutrients that are important for bone health

For maintaining bone density and preventing diseases like osteoporosis, it is important to consume foods rich in certain minerals. Almonds are a powerhouse of calcium, magnesium, copper, vitamin K, and zinc, and are thus good for bone health. Have a handful of almonds every day along with sunflower seeds and pistachios to maintain good bone density and avoid bone diseases.

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