#HealthBytes: Habits that are silently putting your kidneys at risk

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#HealthBytes: Habits that are silently putting your kidneys at risk
#HealthBytes: Habits that are silently putting your kidneys at risk

15 Oct 2021: #HealthBytes: Habits that are silently putting your kidneys at risk

The main duty of the kidneys is to remove waste, filter your blood, and regulate the electrolyte levels in the body. Therefore, to get rid of toxic substances in your body, it is crucial to maintain your kidneys' health. But there are some bad lifestyle habits like lack of sleep and consumption of extra salt that can put your kidney health at risk.

Salt and sugar: Consuming extra salt and extra sugar is harmful

Sodium-rich foods have a negative effect on your kidneys and they also increase your blood pressure levels. This is why it is not advisable to take extra salt with your food. Additionally, extra sugar is very dangerous for your health and can lead to several major diseases like diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and can also disturb the functioning of your kidneys.

Smoking and alcohol: Smoking and alcohol consumption: A silent killer

Reportedly, it has been found out that people who smoke regularly can have an excessive amount of protein in their urine which can damage their kidneys. Furthermore, overconsumption of alcohol, which causes heart diseases and high blood pressure, can also lead to chronic kidney diseases. Sadly, chronic kidney diseases have become a worldwide problem.

Other habits: Other habits that are silently damaging your kidneys

Studies show that poor sleep opens the door to kidney disease and hinders the functioning of kidneys. Going overboard on painkillers might relieve your pain but they are very harmful to kidneys. To note, one must reduce the consumption of processed foods, which contain phosphorus and sodium, as they impact your kidneys. Excess phosphorus and sodium intake is a major factor for kidney damage.

Guide: Lifestyle changes to keep your kidneys healthy

It is necessary to keep your fist-sized organs healthy to maintain your overall health, too. Especially, diabetic people should focus on regulating their blood sugar levels in order to prevent their kidneys from getting damaged. There are many other lifestyle changes you can incorporate to keep your kidneys healthy such as keeping yourself physically active, drinking plenty of fluids, and maintaining a balanced diet.

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