• Having migraine? Certain natural remedies can help you get relief

    Migraines are annoying, and there's no denying that. Not only do they cause throbbing pain in your head, but may also lead to nausea, and uneasiness. Its severe form can get debilitating with the body being sensitive to everything, from light to touch and smell. Although taking professional medical assistance is generally advisable, one can significantly reduce it if they follow certain natural remedies.

  • Follow these tips to avoid falling ill during season change

    Season changes bring with them a host of diseases, the most common being stomach issues, cold, fever and the like. Right now, it's the time for monsoons. Autumn is next, which falls in October. So the transition period is not that far, but there is still time to take steps to prevent any health issues. We have listed a few tips for you.

  • Sweaty Betty CEO Julia Straus stresses the importance of exercising, self-care

    In an episode of We Chat With, Yahoo Life SEA speaks to Sweaty Betty CEO Julia Straus as she shares the opening of the first-ever Sweaty Betty Singapore store, exercising and focusing on positivity. 

  • Some easy to grow, low maintenance plants for beginners

    Let's admit, plants uplift our mood, but due to space constraints, difficulty in maintenance, and/or the high price of saplings, many of us refrain from growing greens indoors. But what if you could grow a few plants at home, which are economical, beneficial for your health, and also require little upkeep? Here, we suggest you some easy-to-care home plants, if you are a beginner.

  • 'I'm not anti-vax': Experts explain why people who haven't been inoculated against COVID-19 are clarifying their decisions

    "For many people, the term 'anti-vax' has a highly negative connotation and carries substantial stigma in our society," one expert tells Yahoo Life.

  • A few ways to keep your bathroom sparkly and germ-free

    We know no one likes cleaning bathrooms, but since it is the most used area in your house, it needs cleaning every week and a thorough scrubbing once a month. Moreover, the danger of germs and bacterial growth is all the more the reason why you should clean the loo. In this article, we suggest some ways to keep your bathroom sparkly and germ-free.

  • Five strategies that can help you to stop procrastination

    Procrastination is a strong force that stops you from completing your important tasks. Putting off your work for later may feel very comfortable, but has dire consequences. Procrastination often leads to poor performance at work, failing in school, and whatnot. This is a habit that can't be broken overnight, so here are some strategies which, when performed regularly, can prevent you from procrastinating.

  • Treat mild ailments of your fido using these home remedies

    Doggies also have varying degrees of illnesses, just like us. While some can be treated at home, others need proper medical attention. To avoid spending your money unnecessarily, it is important to know when your pooch really needs to see a doctor. Don't panic if your dog just vomits or suffers from an upset tummy because they may be treated at home. Here's more.

  • A few home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes

    Deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, Zika, etc., are all caused and spread by mosquitoes. These dangerous diseases aside, mosquitoes are quite annoying, especially the noise they make and their bites that leave you with a persistent itch that could even last for days. So, it is important to get rid of mosquitoes. Here are some home remedies to keep these pests away.

  • This Canadian retailer wants to revolutionize how you buy plants

    Canada's first plastic-negative plant retailer wants to change the way you buy plants.

  • #HealthBytes: Here are some great health benefits of quinoa

    Originally, quinoa was the staple diet of the Incas of pre-Columbian America and their descendants in South America. But in recent years, it has emerged as a superior alternative to bulgur wheat and rice and has now become a popular addition to many diet plans. Usually referred to as a grain (but is actually a seed), quinoa has a lot of health benefits.

  • 'Top notch': Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this workout bench — and it's on sale

    Save 20% on this weight bench that's backed up by more than 2,800 reviews.

  • Staying safe, looking good: Jennifer Aniston stuns in $26 lace face mask

    Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful in her Wolford face mask! Plus, more stars rocking the lace face mask trend.

  • Engineer's Day special: Saluting a few marvelous constructions of India

    September 15 is celebrated annually as Engineer's Day in India. The date was chosen in 1968 to mark the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, one of the finest Indian civil engineers. To celebrate this occasion, we've picked out some astounding engineering marvels in India. Please note this list isn't exhaustive and may not include many other creations, but we salute them nonetheless.

  • Five things you must do to be better dog parents

    Dogs teach us incredible things, one of them being the quality of loving one and all unconditionally. They render upon their masters all they have and let's admit, their unfathomable love gives us a reason to live. Therefore, it goes without saying, we should care for them and fill them with love, too. So, let's see how you can be a better dog parent.

  • #HealthBytes: What are superfoods and why are they important?

    What started out as a marketing strategy to highlight certain forgotten foods has now become the buzzword in the fitness industry. Since superfoods aren't really a well-defined food group, there are no set guidelines to term something as a superfood. However, here are some common attributes in all of these food items that can establish their importance in our daily diet.

  • How activists on TikTok shut down Texas’s abortion whistleblower tip website

    Gen Z activists called their TikTok followers to action, which led to the shutdown of the ProLifeWhistleblower website, an anti-abortion tip line in Texas.

  • #HealthBytes: These healthy foods can boost immunity in children

    Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, children haven't been able to attend school physically. Their classes were held in virtual mode, which many parents felt impaired their learning. They wanted schools to open with safety protocols in place. Many Indian states are mulling to reopen educational institutions, while some have already reopened. In this light, these foods can guarantee your child remains fit.

  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck share a masked kiss at Met Gala. Is smooching with a face mask on a good idea?

    If you've tried this with your partner or are considering it, don't panic: Doctors say it's fine under most circumstances.