• How common are false-positive COVID tests? Experts weigh in.

    It's important to note that there are different COVID-19 tests available, and each has its own level of accuracy.

  • Know the difference between perfumes, roll-ons, and deodorant sprays

    All of us love to smell good. And for this, we take the help of different products such as deodorant sprays, roll-ons, perfumes, eau de cologne, and the like. But do we know the difference between them or the nitty-gritty like when to apply or how to apply and things like that? In this piece, we have sketched out the same for you.

  • Common cold: The different stages, precautions to take, remedies

    The common cold infects your nose and throat. With every season change, we witness a spike in such cases. While normally our bodies put up a fight whenever we get infected, you may also opt for home remedies to get relief from common cold symptoms soon. In this article, we help you understand the different stages of the common cold and the precautions.

  • Keep your hands soft and smooth using these tips

    Till a certain age, your hands and palms will remain soft and smooth. But they will not stay that way for your entire life. Although it is not possible to alter the aging of your skin, there are a few tips and remedies that will help you keep your skin moisturized all the time. In this light, we help you with some suggestions.

  • Some tips to counter a hangover after excessive alcohol intake

    After an exhaustive workweek or a hectic schedule for a few days, we feel like relaxing and chilling out during weekends. And for many of us, weekends do not get completed without boozing, and at times, we may go overboard with alcohol consumption. This results in the annoying hangover, effects of which remain for a couple of days if proper care is not taken.

  • This Oral-B electric toothbrush is 50% off on Amazon

    Let's face it, oral hygiene is equally as important as skincare.

  • A few healthy food items that you can eat outside

    "Don't eat food outside!" This is an oft-repeated instruction or order you hear from your parents and grandparents as they think every food item outside is made in an unhygienic way. But don't worry, there are a few healthy food items that you can always opt for outside your home. They might add on calories, but these provide enough nutrition to your body.

  • Some tips to follow in case of insect bites

    When children watch Spider-Man films, they too fantasize about getting bit by a spider and gaining powers like Peter Parker. But trust us, in real life, it is harmful. Insect bites may not lead to dangerous consequences, but a few of them can cause deadly infections or inject toxic venom. In this article, we tell you what to do in case of insect bites.

  • Is it safe for you to eat refrigerated food?

    Of all the appliances at your home, the refrigerator is probably the most used. From cooked food to ready-to-cook items, milk, drinks, eggs, and meat, you can store anything inside a fridge. But have you ever wondered if it is okay for you to consume refrigerated food? We help you understand why eating food from the fridge might not be good at all times.

  • Want to try unique recipes of 'samosa'? These will help

    Food is something that never stops evolving. We love to experiment with different ingredients and come up with a unique dish. Today, in this article, we will discuss some different ways in which we can make samosa, the favorite buddy of a hot cup of tea. Some recipes are easy, while some are tough, but the end product of all will be tasty.

  • Fashion guide for men: Suggestions for outfits during Durga Puja

    Durga Puja is hardly a fortnight away. Bengalis look forward to this occasion for which planning goes on for almost a year. Shopping starts more than a month before Durga Puja even starts. For women, fashion choices are never scarce. But what about men? Here, we give you a few suggestions that will help you ace the fashion game on all five days.

  • A few effective tips to stay protected from air pollution

    Air pollution is a silent killer. A recent report by the Energy Policy Institute, University of Chicago (EPIC), suggests if the pollution level remains the same as it was two years back, 40% of India's population would have its lifespan slashed by nine years. Given this alarming situation, it is now up to us to take care. We suggest some tips to stay protected.

  • How to make air travel comfortable for your children?

    Flight journeys are not easy for babies and kids. Often, Plan-A and Plan-B are not sufficient. You perhaps have to go till Plan-Z to keep them comfortable on board planes. There is the air pressure problem, ear pain, and at times vertigo, which children might feel irritated about. While flight attendants are there to help, these tips will also help you in these situations.

  • Want to clean your fridge thoroughly? Here are some tips

    Refrigerator, the most used appliance in our houses, needs thorough cleaning every 10 days. While its user manual will tell you how to go about it, we often forget to refer to the booklet when we actually plan to clean the fridge. A tablespoon of bleach in 3-4 liters of water is a good start, and we help you with other effective tips.

  • Is CoolSculpting safe? Experts weigh in on the risks after Linda Evangelista says she was ‘deformed’ by the procedure

    Supermodel Linda Evangelista says she is "deformed" after CoolSculpting gone wrong. Experts weigh in.

  • Florida makes quarantine optional for asymptomatic students exposed to COVID-19, teacher goes to school in blackface to protest vaccine mandate

    Students in Florida will not have to quarantine if they're asymptomatic and an Oregon teacher is placed on leave after protesting vaccine mandate in blackface.

  • This $150 air purifier is taking over Amazon's Movers & Shakers list

    "This filter is truly changing my life."

  • These $25 Amazon face masks are parent-and kid-approved: 'Two thumbs up!'

    These printed face masks for kids are a hit among Amazon shoppers, having earned a 4.6-star rating from more than 4,000 customer reviews.

  • Want to have a sparkly kitchen? Follow these effective tips

    Everyone loves to keep their house shiny and tidy, but it could be cumbersome. The kitchen, especially, is a tough nut to crack, and keeping it sparkly clean is pretty difficult. But since it is the place where food gets prepared, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly every other day. If you are wondering how to go about it, here are a few tips.

  • Foods you should avoid giving your child during winters, monsoon

    Although parents take care of their children in every possible way, they fall ill nonetheless, especially during monsoons and winters. Of course, hygiene plays a key role but parents should also check what their children are consuming during these two seasons. After all, food determines the way our bodies behave. We help you understand what food items you should avoid giving to your child.

  • Try these lesser known food delicacies from South India

    Dosa, idli, vada, sambar, and rasam are the most common South Indian food items we know of. But there are many other dishes offered by the five southern states—Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu—we aren't aware of. In this article, we help you get acquainted with such items so that when you travel there, you make it a point to taste those.

  • This $340 exercise bike is an Amazon bestseller: Here's why

    On sale for just $340, the DMASUN bike has earned the coveted spot as Amazon's best-selling exercise bike.

  • Here's why you should be using a meat thermometer to cook your Thanksgiving meal

    The secret to perfectly cooked meat every time? A versatile food thermometer.

  • 5 common health concerns college students face — and how to handle them

    Doctors say there are a few important health concerns that college students need to be aware of. Here's what to look out for — and how to take action.

  • Some effective tips to ensure that your eyes are healthy

    In today's world, no one is without an electronic device. Adults to children, every single person is glued to gadgets and the digital space. But such overconsumption of content from these devices is also damaging one key part of our body: the eyes. While we cannot ignore our smartphones and the like how much ever we try, we can still prevent that eyestrain.