All the health benefits of watermelon rind you didn’t know about

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watermelon rind benefits
watermelon rind benefits

If you love watermelon, then it’s time to think twice about discarding the rind. In fact, the skin of this fruit is full of nutrients and goodness. So why not reap the benefits while also cutting down on waste?

Refreshing, low-calorie and tasty — watermelon is without a doubt the star fruit of summer! Especially in hot weather, since this fruit is composed mostly of water (90 percent). But if you’re a fan of this fruit, it will probably not have escaped your attention that it also creates its share of waste; the watermelon rind is often discarded once the juicy pink part has been devoured, despite its many lesser-known health benefits.

Health benefits of watermelon rind

watermelon rind benefits
(Image credit: Cody Chan/Unsplash)

However, throwing watermelon’s green rind in the garbage can is far from being necessary. In fact, watermelon rind is perfectly edible! Many health professionals even recommend eating it for its many benefits.

Rich in vitamins and nutrients

Watermelon rind is particularly rich in vitamins (A, C, B6), as well as other nutrients, including the amino acid citrulline and the antioxidant lycopene, both excellent for heart health.


In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, watermelon rind is also very rich in potassium, zinc and magnesium — nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Anti-ageing & boosts collagen

Watermelon skin is also a powerful skin ally, as it delays skin ageing, boosts collagen production and deeply hydrates.

How do you eat watermelon rind?

(Image credit: Rodion Kutsaev/Unsplash)
(Image credit: Rodion Kutsaev/Unsplash)

Although it tastes a little bitter (much like orange or lemon peel), you can simply chomp on the watermelon rind along with the flesh.

Alternatively, if you prefer the idea of eating in another form (diced, or in a gazpacho, sauce or preserve) there are many recipes out there. Either way, there are no more excuses for leaving waste on your plate the next time you tuck into your favorite summer fruit.

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