‘Haze Song’ helps Singaporeans laugh through the coughs as air quality plunges

We’re not gonna lie. The haze has been putting a bit of a damper on our spirits this afternoon, with the air quality tumbling to unhealthy levels across Singapore, with an average PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) of 112 as of 2pm, according to figures by the National Environment Agency.

Thankfully, there’s a (not exactly) new parody song helping take our minds off our dry, chesty coughs and itchy throats today.

Aptly titled The Haze Song, the two-minute track was rewritten from the Everly Brother’s classic hit All I Have To Do Is Dream, and we reckon it’s a pretty easy track to sing along to, even with a hoarse voice.

View of Singapore’s hazy skyline from Neil Road.

Oddly, know one seems to know who wrote The Haze Song, despite the fact that it actually first surfaced online back in 2013, when Singapore was shrouded with a haze that topped the PSI scale at over 400.

The earliest version of the clip we could find, which is essentially lyrics pasted karaoke-style over photos of various Singapore scenes covered in haze, was posted six years ago on the Facebook page “lingermingle — The Community Socialization Hub.”

Regardless, the clip resurfaced with a vengeance today, being ripped and reposted onto multiple pages, including on All Singapore Stuff, where it has been getting about 14,000 views an hour since its posting.

So who’s ready for a sampling of the lyrics we’ve had stuck in our heads all day?

Haze, haze, haze, haze
When I smell you,
I feel so cham (troubled in Hokkien)
When I breathe you,
My health is harmed
I’m feeling so fed up
Cos’ all I ever see
Haze, haze, haze, haze

If you’d like a bit of variety in your haze karaoke, we found at least one other song written about the Singapore haze, courtesy of Alvin Oon, director of the Peranakan Sayang performing arts group.

Borrowing from the Christmas track It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, the video of the song It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Haze went up on YouTube on Monday.

So, any idea who wrote The Haze Song? It’s been six years, so one of you has to know. First reader with the right answer gets a sweet ass Coconuts tote bag. The clock is ticking.

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