Hawick Lau shares daughter's birthday craft for Yang Mi

14 Sep - Although Yang Mi couldn't come home to celebrate her 31st birthday with husband Hawick Lau and daughter Noemie, so the actor recently shared a drawing made by their daughter to wish her a happy birthday.

As reported on Epoch Times, on 12 September, Hawick posted an image of Noemie's craft which is a drawing of their small family decorated with flowers and heart felt stickers, and the words "Happy b-day mommy!" written across it.

Hawick posted, "Every year, the little miss' birthday wish becomes more versatile. Excellent painting skills (laugh). Happy birthday Noemie's mummy!"

The post came following speculations of a problem in their marriage, after netizens noticed that Hawick didn't wish his wife a happy birthday in advance like her friends did.

To that, the actor's studio made a statement to deny any issue between the couple, saying that Hawick was having a problem with his phone and was on the process of resolving it.

(Photo Source: Hawick Lau Weibo)