Hawick Lau is now dating Li Xiaofeng

21 Nov – Hawick Lau reportedly has admitted to his new romance with actress Cherry Li Xiaofeng.

As reported on CTWant, the actor reportedly responded to the rumours of romance with Li by thanking everybody for their blessings.

Hawick was quoted saying, "Everything is okay. We have been together for a while. We were introduced by a mutual friend. She and I have a very harmonious personality and we get along comfortably. I am happy."

Rumours of romance between the actor and the 40-year-old actress sparked several days ago, when he was spotted with a mystery woman in Hangzhou and again on another occasion.

The media was quick to investigate, and revealed that the woman, who was sporting short hair, was mainland actress Li Xiaofeng.

Interestingly, Li and Hawick's ex-wife Yang Mi are working together in the new romance drama, "She and Her Perfect Husband", in which she plays Yang's best friend.

The 48-year-old actor had tied the knot with Yang back in 2014 before both went their separate ways in 2018. The couple have one daughter, Noemie from their marriage.

Li Xiaofeng and Yang Mi work together in a new drama
Li Xiaofeng and Yang Mi work together in a new drama

(Photo Source: China Press, Cherry Li Weibo, Hawick Lau Fanpage IG)