‘A Haunting In Venice’: What We Know About Michelle Yeoh’s New Movie

Michelle Yeoh New Movie
Michelle Yeoh New Movie

After bagging an Oscar for Best Actress for Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle Yeoh is all set to take over the horror and mystery genres with her new movie. Titled A Haunting in Venice, Michelle Yeoh’s new movie dropped its first trailer at CinemaCon. The story will be based on Agatha Christie’s novel Hallowe’en Party and will be directed by Oscar-winner (Belfast, 2021) Kenneth Branagh.

It’s not surprising to see Yeoh choose such an interesting script as the actress is now experimenting with different genres. Yeoh’s upcoming movies include massive franchises and Broadway adaptations including Avatar 3, Wicked: Part One and Star Trek: Section 31.

A Haunting In Venice
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The trailer for the upcoming film opens with a séance being led by the Oscar-winner’s character – a medium. When one of those present for the séance wishes to hear the voice of her daughter who tragically passed away a year prior, the guests hear some disturbing noises.

What will be the plot of Michelle Yeoh’s new movie ‘A Haunting in Venice’?

A Haunting In Venice
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We can expect the plot to be similar to Christie’s novel Hallowe’en Party. The story revolves around a Halloween gathering held in the English village of Woodleigh Common. During the party, a young girl named Joyce Reynolds boasts about having witnessed a murder in the past but no one takes her claims seriously. However, when Reynolds herself is found dead later during that evening, drowned in an apple-bobbing tub, it becomes evident that her tale was accurate.

Hercule Poirot, who happens to be attending the Halloween Party, takes up the case and begins investigating the murder. As he delves into the lives of the attendees of the party, Poirot uncovers a complex web of secrets, rivalries and hidden motives. The story is filled with red herrings and twists, keeping readers guessing until the final revelation of the murderer.

The film’s official logline reads: “Now retired and living in self-imposed exile in the world’s most glamorous city, Poirot reluctantly attends a séance at a decaying, haunted palazzo. When one of the guests is murdered, the detective is thrust into a sinister world of shadows and secrets.”


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Looking at the cast of ‘A Haunting in Venice’?

Besides directing the film, Branagh also reprises his role of Hercule Poirot from Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express, with Yeoh portraying Joyce Reynolds. The rest of the cast includes Tina Fey as Ariadne Oliver, Jude Hill as Leopold Ferrier, Kelly Reilly as Rowena Drake and, in a mini-Belfast reunion, Jamie Dornan as Leopold Ferrier’s father.

When is the movie hitting theatres?

A Haunting in Venice will release in theatres on September 15, 2023.

Check out the full trailer below.

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