Hattan saddened not being able to say goodbye to Bob Lokman

26 Sep – Legendary singer Hattan recently expressed his regret of not being able to bid farewell to lyricist and artiste Bob Lokman, who passed away on 24 September.

The singer, who was performing in Penang as the news of Bob's passing made the rounds, stated that he will miss working with Bob, whose songs were a guaranteed success.

"When I found out that Bob had passed away, I was speechless. When I performed "Rendang Tak Berbuah" during the event, I couldn't help but shed a tear. I immediately thought about him," he said.

However, Hattan stated that he is grateful that he was able to ask his audiences to recite Al-Fatihah for the late performer.

"I can say that half of my career is thanks to Bob. I trust him to write my ballads," he added, referring to hit songs that include "Memburu Rindu" and Kalis".

The singer last met Bob three weeks ago at the latter's house in Kubang Kerian.

"Bob told me that he wouldn't live long since he has only ten percent of his heart function," he added.

Known for writing lyrics to hit songs like "Isabella", "Pada Syurga di Wajahmu", and "Taman Rashidah Utama", Bob Lokman died at his hometown in Kubang Kerian of heart complications.

Aside from writing lyrics, Bob was also an actor who had starred in movies and shows like "Jin Notti", "Mantra", and "Tentang Bulan the Series".

He was 58.

Bob Lokman had been struggling with heart problem prior to his passing
Bob Lokman had been struggling with heart problem prior to his passing

(Photo Source: Utusan, Oh Bulan)