Harvey Weinstein On Trump’s Election: “Our Country Is Sick And Tired Of The Divisiveness In D.C.”

Erik Pedersen

Harvey Weinstein weighed in today on the election of Republican Donald Trump as America’s 45th president, saying he hopes the new POTUS will reach across the aisle and work with Democrats.

“With both Donald and Hillary [Clinton] splitting the popular vote of Americans 50/50, I was proud to see Hillary say this morning that she would work with Donald because that’s what our country wants to see,” the veteran producer said. “One of the great things President Obama did was taking a page from Lincoln’s playbook — taking on rivals and working together with them in the White House. It takes a willingness from both sides, however, and our country is sick and tired of the divisiveness in D.C. It is my hope that President-Elect Trump will do this with Hillary and others. It will make people less fearful, which I’m sure he wants, and it’s what we need as a country.”

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