Harley Davidson injects some badassery into the world of e-bikes

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Through its Serial 1 electric bike subsidiary, Harley-Davidson presents a brand new limited-edition model that’s the epitome of the brand’s expertise in the field.

A year ago, Harley-Davidson decided to enter the electric bike market by launching its own brand, Serial 1 Cycle Company. Note that its name is a nod to the firm’s first motorcycle, the legendary Serial Number One of 1903.

The catalog already includes four premium models, retailing from US$3,799 to US$5,599 (approx. S$5,140 to S$7,580). For the first time, the brand is now offering a limited-edition model, the Mosh/Tribute, available in only 650 units, selling for US$5,999 (approx. S$8,120) each.

Note that, for the moment, the brand is only distributed in North America, although it is said to be coming to Europe soon, and hopefully, Asia after.

The Mosh/Tribute is based on the Mosh/CTY model but features gloss black paint, a handcrafted honey-coloured leather seat and matching leather grips from Brooks England, and a stamped brass shield mounted on the front signature light. Otherwise, the technical specifications remain the same as the Mosh/CTY, including a maximum assistance speed of 33kph.

Scroll down for a closer look at Harley Davidson’s limited edition Mosh/Tribute e-bike.

This article was published via AFP.

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