Harlem Yu denies defending ex-wife Annie Yi over Anita Mui issue

10 Jul – Harlem Yu's camp has recently denied the notion that the singer was expressing support for ex-wife Annie Yi over the previous controversy she was involved in last week.

As reported on Mingpao, the statement came after several eagle-eyed netizens noticed that the Taiwanese singer had liked a Weibo post from a fan of Annie who defended her by writing, "I think Annie Yi is great and has high EQ. She treats her husband, children, and in-laws very well. Why do you all need to vilify her? Just live truthfully. I support Annie Yi!"

The act of liking the post had since been commended by some fans, who praised Harlem for being a good man despite the failure of their marriage, unlike Annie's current husband Qin Hao, who has been mum about the issue.

However, the praises did not remain long, as Harlem's manager Yu Cheng-qing recently clarified that it was just accidental.

Said Yu, an editor working for their studio has been liking a lot of news related to Harlem and had mistakenly liked the said post as well. The manager added that the former couple have their own lives, and that Harlem will not get involved in anything relating to his ex-wife.

Annie previously sparked the anger of the late singer Anita Mui's fans after making a disrespectful remark about the latter's supposed "failure" to find love until the end of her life. She was also accused of encouraging fans to hate on other contestants of her reality show, "Sisters Who Make Waves".

(Photo Source: Mingpao)