Haqiem Rusli is tying the knot this year

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31 May – Haqiem Rusli surprised many recently by announcing that he is tying the knot soon.

The revelation came in an Instagram Live that the singer held at 2 in the morning on 30 May, with Haqiem saying that he decided to share the news after having thought about it for several days.

"After discussing with all parties and family members, I will be ending my single status at the end of this year. That's the news," he said. "I hope you guys will give me your blessings as I think this is not an issue and a good thing."

The singer is 23 going on 24
The singer is 23 going on 24

Following his announcement, Haqiem admitted that he was pleasantly surprised over the positive feedbacks he received from fans.

The singer revealed that he has already undergone his marriage course, though declined to elaborate more on the lucky woman.

"When it comes to my future wife, I will announce it at the wedding. I just want fans to know that I will be getting married. I will share other things in the future," he added.

The 23 year-old Haqiem also dismissed the notion that he will lose his popularity by announcing his marriage, saying that he will be ready with whatever it is that come his way in the future.

Haqiem will be tying the knot at the end of the year
Haqiem will be tying the knot at the end of the year

(Photo Source: Haqiem Rusli Instagram)