Hannah Quinlivan: I want my kids to have their own identity

10 Jan – Hannah Quinlivan would like for her two kids Hathaway and Romeo to have their own identities, which is why she and husband Jay Chou decided to keep their faces hidden from public view.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who sat down for an interview with VOGUE recently, shared that she and her husband knew that once their children's faces are exposed, they would forever be labelled the son and daughter of Jay Chou and "lose their own name".

"Take me for an example. Once I married Jay Chou, I was labeled "Mrs. Chou". To some extent, I have lost my own identity," she said.

However, Hannah said that she is not that concerned as it was her choice to marry the Taiwanese star in the first place.

"But children are different. They cannot choose their parents. My husband and I want the children to be happy to be ours, rather than feeling pressured," she said.

The actress added that she will wait until her two kids grow up to let them choose whether to let themselves be known by the public, or to continue living a private life.

(Photo Source: Hannah Quinlivan Instagram)