Hannah Quinlivan enjoys playing a villainess in "Skyscraper"

11 Jul – Although she is playing a villainous character in her first Hollywood film, "Skyscraper", Hannah Quinlivan admitted that she enjoyed playing such a role very much.

As reported on Sohu, the actress who shed her bubbly cheerful personality to play deadly assassin Xia in the aforementioned movie, shared, "My character is very cold. She loves to kill and is good at it. She doesn't care about anything but to complete her task. She's a killing machine."

She admitted that it was exciting playing the bad guy as they are more interesting as characters.

"You just can't get this kind of experience in real life," she said.

Hannah, who gave birth to son several months before she shot the movie, revealed that she made a lot of effort to play a convincing assassin, including taking fight classes a month before the shoot.

"I had no martial arts skills. Compared to a giant like Dwayne Johnson, I am too petite. But I did a lot of homework," she said.

On the other hand, director Rawson Marshall Thurber said that he has a lot of confidence in Hannah.

"I bet if she fights with other people, she won't lose. Definitely," he said.

"Skyscraper" opens on 12 July.

(Photo Source: Hannah Quinlivan Instagram)