From handshakes to a disco ball to pregnant men, new emoji are incoming

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A slew of new emojis, landing later this year.

Ahead of World Emoji Day, the Unicode Consortium has released its draft list of around thirty new emojis heading for roll-out later this year. On the agenda are new facial expressions, outstretched hands, handshakes, nests, an ID card and even a troll.

In terms of emotions, the next slew of emojis promises a face with open eyes and hand over its mouth, another peeking through hands over its eyes, as well as a dotted outline smiley and one holding back tears. Various hands, in several skin colors, are also proposed, with some outstretched, others in a handshake, and some making heart shapes. Other new arrivals include crowned characters and pregnant men.

Other amusing new additions this year include a troll, coral, nests (empty or with eggs), beans, a slide, a crutch, an X-ray, a low battery, an ID card and a disco ball.

The list is expected to be finalized by the Unicode Consortium in September, before starting to roll out later this year.

David Bénard

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