Hana Kuk has no issue with company signing more artistes

7 Feb – Although Voice Entertainment has been signing many artistes of late, Hong Kong singer Hana Kuk says she is not worried about her place in the company.


As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who attended the recording of the TVB show recently, stated that she has no issue with the division of resources to other singers since the company has been managing everything well for her.



"I am currently recording my second album, and I will be going to the mainland to attend an autograph session after the Lunar New Year," she said.



Hana also revealed that she has set a five-year goal to hold her concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.



"Right now I only have nine songs, so I hope I can have more songs in the next five years before I can hold a concert there," she said.



(Photo Source: Hana Kuk Instagram)