Hana Kimura, Pro Wrestler and Star of Netflix’s ‘Terrace House,’ Dies at 22

Rosemary Rossi
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    If you are being cyber bullied, EVERY social media outlet has a "block" button, "mute" button and/or "report" button. Use them freely and often. And realize that even God and Jesus has and always had critics. No one is obligated to love or like you in any way. And if they annoy, worry or upset you with their hate, hit those buttons!
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    OMG, i've watched her on netflix just waiting for the new season. RIP Hana 😥
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    Permanent solution to a temporary problem.
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    The problem everyone thinks cyber is the best way to communicate, stop using all this cyber and get back to basics with human relationship
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    RIP, god blessed you.
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    Bill has to be passed to punish Cyber bullies. When caught, they have to be fined, jailed, and shamed.
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    I seldom watch professional wrestling now; but these professional wrestlers have tremendous agility and good showmanship. RIP
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    Entertainment industry is deadly. Tiger breeder seems a safer occupation
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    If you feel harassed, it's best not to touch your phone or computer for a while. If you do, you run the risk of reading bad things that bad people say, true or not. Fame has its dark side, so be aware.