Han Seo-hee is back making accusations online

6 Nov – Remember Han Seo-hee, the trainee who made headlines last year for being involved in a marijuana scandal with BIGBANG's T.O.P?

It seemed that she has more things to say after finding out that the rapper is back on social media again.

In a recent post that included a photo of an etiquette slogan taken inside YG Entertainment's washroom, she expressed, "Don't you even dare thinking about coming out. How dare you come back. I heard you tell people around you that I took money from you and that I'm a gold digger. You must've told a lot of people for it to reach me? Stop talking about me.

"At least give me money if you're going to say something like that, since you have a lot to spare."

Han said that she was originally going to let it slide after seeing the person in question is living a quiet life, but that she changed her mind after seeing him back on Instagram. Although she didn't mention any names, it is speculated that she was talking about T.O.P based on the fact that the rapper recently shared a couple of new posts on Instagram after more than a year.

She also claimed that she has a dirt on T.O.P and YG Entertainment, saying, "You do know that I hid a lot of your company's secrets, right? The reporters kept trying to convince me to blow it but I rejected them because I was scared of all of you. I should've revealed it all back then. I trust you know too. Why do you think I went there that day? You guys know too, right?"

Finally, she wrote, "Oh, and please act your age. Act your age and stop pretending to be an artist. You're just an old man. A simple ajeossi."