Halsey tired of women being 'demonised' in society


Halsey is frustrated by the way society continues to "demonise" women.

The pop superstar is gearing up to release her new album Manic next year, the follow up to 2017's chart-topping Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Although she has released a number of tracks from the record as singles, one song that won't be included is the standalone Nightmare - which the star says is a "reflection of the immediate events in my life" following her international hit Without Me.

“I was coming off the cusp of Without Me," she told Rolling Stone. "Through the process of having the world have an opinion (on) your recovery from emotional trauma, you’re reminded a lot about misogyny.

"How often women are demonised: their anger is unjustified, their rage is unwelcome, their betrayal likely self-inflicted in some way.”

While the criticism clearly affected the 25-year-old, she insisted it's not exclusive to those in the spotlight, adding: “It dawned on me that this experience is not unique to me as a woman in the public eye. This is something I’ve experienced my entire life.

"I wrote Nightmare with the intention of giving women a song they could yell to about it and vent their frustration.”

Manic is slated for release on 17 January.

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