Halsey: 'I've waited my entire life to feel good about my appearance in photos'


Halsey has waited her entire life to look at pictures of herself and feel good about her appearance in them.

The Without Me singer, who is known for experimenting with bold make-up, hair colours, and wigs, has gone back to basics for her cover shoot for the December issue of Elle Australia magazine.

In the cover image, the 25-year-old wears a blue satin bralette and matching trousers from Louis Vuitton, minimal make-up, and shows off her natural dark, cropped hair.

In the accompanying interview, Halsey admitted it was rare for her to be happy with how she looks in images taken at photoshoots.

"I feel very lucky to be able to look at those photos and feel good about myself," she said. "I've waited for that moment my entire life and there I am, with the hair that my mother and father gave me and with (minimal) make-up on, in a way I'm proud of. To be cool with the world seeing me that way... that says a lot to me about how I've grown as a person. I feel really happy and peaceful."

In other images, the American singer gazes into the camera while wearing a sheer pink bodysuit, crouches down in heels while wearing a black bodysuit and a black jacket with white polka dots, and runs her hands through her hair as she sports a blue jacket covered in embroidery and sequins. In all of the snaps, her hair is kept simple and natural and her make-up is kept to a minimum so her freckles can be seen.

Sharing the pictures on her Instagram page, Halsey gushed over photographer Kai Z Feng by writing, "Thank you @elleaus shot beautifully by @kaizfeng."

She received praise from Hailey Bieber in the comments, with the model posting, "This glam is gorgeous", as well as from Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui, who simply wrote, "Wow."

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