Halle Berry launches early version of wellness app Re-spin

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has unveiled a "digital health and wellness community" app named Re-spin.

The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram over the weekend to promote her new free-to-use project, which she is launching early in order to help users balance their physical and mental wellbeing amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

"This time in the world is challenging for each of us in different ways. As we collectively re-align, I invite you to join the @respin community," Berry wrote in the caption, noting that she was inspired to develop the app as a result of her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis at age 22. "Nutrition, fitness and wellness has since transformed my life - reconnecting my mind, body and soul - teaching me how truly valuable my body is."

At present, the Re-spin app offers up workouts and mental wellness inspiration, with more features to follow.

And as many of Berry's fans and followers are now spending time at home and practicing social distancing, she offered up the app as a way to connect with others.

"This is an early release and a work in progress, but feel free to use it as a wellness resource, a place to connect, to learn something new or maybe just as a distraction from our surreal circumstances," the 53-year-old shared.

The accompanying Instagram account for Re-spin includes a series of images that tap ideas of solace, nature, and emotional wellbeing.

One post noted, "During these times of heightened uncertainty, we will donate a portion of any profits we make to organisations on the front lines of the Covid19 pandemic."

Berry also launched a line of workout gear under the Re-spin name back in February.

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