Haley Lu Richardson Gushes Over Dream Gig Covering The Jonas Brothers

Haley Lu Richardson went to the “year 3000” and back as she gushed over the Jonas Brothers while serving as the Jo Bros’ correspondent during their “Today” show concert on Friday.

“The White Lotus” star, who appeared in the band’s music video for their song “Wings” earlier this year, covered the Jonas Brothers’ performance on the release date of their new project “The Album.”

“I love you, Kevin, I love you, Nick, I love you, Joe,” said Richardson as the band walked by her before their show.

She added: “They love me, too. They said it. Did you hear?”

Richardson, prior to the show, said her job entailed being “functional,” not crying, and not peeing her pants.

“Wish me luck,” she said on Thursday.

Richardson, in an interview with People, opened up about being a massive fan of the group. She referred to meeting the Jonas Brothers at age 12 as a “dream come true” and joked that she wished she could be a “sister wife” to the brothers, who are all married.

The actor, at one point during her “Today” show gig, acknowledged that she hadn’t quite listened to the Jonas Brothers’ latest effort but showed her appreciation for the singles “Wings” along with “Waffle House,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

She went on to soak in the moment, claiming that Kevin Jonas winked at her through his sunglasses on Friday.

“This is absolutely nuts on a stick because they’re right there. They’re here, and I was standing right there,” Richardson said.

Richardson also smiled ear-to-ear at one point as she praised the band for their “11 out of 10s” performance.

“Wow, you’re really like without words,” noted “Today” anchor Dylan Dreyer.

“Oh yeah. Did I say words? Yes,” replied Richardson before joining Dreyer to surprise a “superfan” with tickets to the Jonas Brothers tour.