Haji Lane’s new bubble tea store serves cheese coffees, milk teas, and smoothies

New to the indie shopping street that is Haji Lane, Littlepo shouldn’t have any trouble getting bubble tea addicts excited the next time they wander down the stretch in search of a quirky trinket or two. The area has no lack of chill cafes, where one can easily find a seat and nurse a cup of coffee, but now the sugary stakes have been upped with bubble tea introduced to the mix.

A tiny space with splashes of blue and a giant bubble tea cup beckoning you into the premises, Littlepo attempts to advocate for a healthier lifestyle by recommending you choose sugar levels of 25 percent or 50 percent. It also lists the nutritional information of its more popular drinks on its Facebook page, so you can’t pretend to live in ignorant bliss any longer.

Photos: Littlepo/Facebook

Milk teas ($4.90) aren’t as basic as Earl Grey here, with options like smoky lapsang souchong, spiced masala chai, and Hong Kong-style Ceylon black tea that you can mix with as many as three toppings, including mashed yam ($1.60), egg pudding ($1.40), and the by-now ubiquitous brown sugar pearls ($0.60).

Photos: Littlepo/Facebook

The coffee selection also tries for unusual combinations such as avocado “chocoffee” ($7.90), banana mocha ($5.80) and, er, something called Oreo cheesy coffee ($7.90) that sounds more like a dessert than anything else. For more of that cheese cream richness, choose flavors like lychee black tea, mango, and strawberry — the latter is made with three layers of house-made cheese custard, a strawberry mix of yogurt and fruit, and vanilla ice cream.

Otherwise, order the milky yam drink for a thick, starchy concoction comprising of fresh yam, whipped cream, milk, and brown sugar.


Littlepo is at 67 Haji Ln.
6909-6347. Mon-Sat 9am-5pm.

MRT: Bugis

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