Hair Gems Are Yet Another '90s/Y2K Trend Making the Rounds

TikTok-ers are bringing back hair bedazzling.



Of all the nostalgic hair trends coming back in style, bedazzled hair has got to be the most party-ready. While many of the other recent throwback hair trends—like claw clips and barrettes—are more suited for everyday wear, hair gems have made their way back into the beauty scene as a something-extra choice for special occasions. The revived '90s-2000s trend actually started taking off last year, but it's coming back again in full swing as we head into summer of 2023—largely thanks to festival season and Swifties across the country getting ready for The Eras Tour.

As with many beauty and fashion trends, TikTok has played a big role in getting hair gems to trend. In fact, last year, the hair bedazzling tool that went viral on TikTok, sold out pretty much everywhere. However, there are currently several tools and products on the market—as well as online tutorials—to help anyone achieve the rhinestoned look. Find out more on how to style hair gems below.

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How to Apply Hair Gems

Whether you remember this throwback hair trend or not, there's something about it that can really speak to your inner child. Applying rhinestones to your hair feels as much like an arts and crafts project as it does a beauty routine and, luckily, it's pretty simply to do.

In TikTok-er Sophie Murray's viral video (which has more than a million likes), she uses a hair gem stamper from Amazon to apply the gems to her hair before a festival. Using the bedazzler tool simply involves placing a strand of hair in the middle of the tool and stamping to attach the gem. Some of these tools use disposable adhesive gems, while others, like Conair's Quick Gems styler, uses reusable gems that snap in place.

Another, often more affordable alternative is to manually apply the hair gems using a sheet of adhesive rhinestones, like this pack from Urban Outfitters. Though it's a bit more tedious, and not quite as fun as using the stamping tool, the end result is just as shimmery as festive.

Another application option, as demonstrated by TikTok-er @Lorraineehrhardt, is to use lash glue to apply flat back rhinestones to the hair. This is likely the most affordable option, considering you can get a pack with more than 1,000 non-adhesive rhinestones for just $6 on Amazon.

Whichever route you choose, just make sure to apply the hair gems as your last step in your hair routine. Your hair should be fully styled before you apply the gems—and try not to wear anything you have to pull over your head as you're getting ready to make sure you don't lose any rhinestones in the process.

As for hairstyles, there's no real wrong way to style your hair with hair gems, since it's just about adding some bling and sparkle. Try applying gems to loose wavy or curly hair for an ethereal, fairy-esque look, or add them to a slicked-back hairstyle or along your hair edges or part for a more glam look. And just have fun with it—it's what your younger self would want.

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