Hair gel addiction? Reasons why it's more harm than good

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Hair gel addiction? Reasons why it
Hair gel addiction? Reasons why it

25 Aug 2021: Hair gel addiction? Reasons why it's more harm than good

Hair gels are styling formulae that are used to fashion the hair in different ways or to set the tresses in a particular way. Hair gels have become an inevitable part of our daily routines as a touch of them is all that's required to tame that unruly hair back and for a slick appearance. However, they have a few negative effects too.

Dry hair: Can cause dry and brittle hair

Hair gels contain a mixture of chemicals and alcoholic agents that can strip the hair of its natural moisture. While using it occasionally will not do much harm, regularly applying hair gel can leave your hair dry and damaged. When your hair begins to dry out, they are also more prone to breakage and can end up being pretty frizzy and unmanageable.

Hair fall: May clog the follicles and cause hair fall

The chemicals from the gel when combined with the excess sebum or build up on the scalp can create a deadly combination that clogs the hair follicles. This can cause weakening of the hair roots which may later give way to hair fall. When hair fall lasts for longer periods of time, it can eventually lead to hair thinning and baldness.

Discoloration: Can disturb the pH balance and cause hair discoloration

Perhaps the biggest side-effect of continuously using hair gel is the fact that it can cause hair discoloration. This is because the chemicals present in the gel can interfere with the pH levels of the hair and hence affect the hair's natural color. Your hair might initially appear faded and dull but it could lead to premature greying as well.

Dandruff: Can cause dry, flaky skin on the scalp

Prolonged usage of hair gels can cause infection of the scalp and lead to itching and irritation. This can eventually give way to dry, flaky skin of the scalp. In addition, other conditions like dryness, dehydration and weak roots can aggravate this situation. If left untreated for long, this can even lead to bacterial infections or other conditions like scalp acne.

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