Hailey Bieber embraces her ballerina side with this sleek updo

The advent of TikTok has given us plenty of micro beauty trends, from 'tomato girl' to latte make-up and the more tenuously-named 'blueberry milk nails' which are, essentially, just another creamy blue manicure.

A majority of these food-inspired moods are simply classic looks that have been updated and re-packaged for the Gen Z crowd. But trends are cyclical by nature and while 'clean girl' beauty and caffeine-led eyeshadow are driven by the younger demographic online, these looks have the wearability and elegance to work across all skin tones, occasions and age brackets.

One celebrity who's at the forefront of the trend cycle is Hailey Bieber. The 26-year-old model and founder of Rhode Skin made 'glazed' a part of our beauty vernacular - from cheekbones to lips and nails - when she embraced glossy skin and chrome nails last year. Since then, Bieber's leaned into latte eyelids, coquette cheeks and over the weekend, she uploaded a mini tutorial on her 'balletcore beauty'.

It goes without saying that balletcore is influenced by all things ballet: soft pinks, dreamy textures, ribbons and of course, the ballerina bun. In her TikTok video, Bieber slicked back her bob, adding a few drops of organic castor oil which not only tames flyaways and adds shine, but the ingredient is also known for being rich in fatty acids to help nourish the scalp and strands. After tying her hair in a low pony, Bieber twisted it into a bun and used a bristle brush to smooth it down before adding a blush ribbon as a finishing touch.

Bieber's balletcore make-up sees her skin prepping with Rhode and using a cream contour to carve out her bone structure prior to concealing (a.k.a. 'underpainting'). A touch of cream blush, mascara and powder creates a healthy flush Swan Lake's Odette would be proud of.

A former ballerina, there's no doubt that balletcore is more than just a passing trend for Bieber. As a teenager, she spent her summers training at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre before reportedly suffering a foot injury that led her to segue into modelling.

Her latest Rhode launch, Peptide Lip Tints, feature a pointe-shoe pink hue aptly named 'Ribbon' alongside a deep purple ('Raspberry Jelly'), a rich cocoa ('Espresso') and a neutral brown ('Toast'). The tints are set to launch on 28th September and will no doubt feature in many a TikTok trend going forwards.

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