Hailey Bieber Dressed Up as a Sexy Pebbles Flinestone for Halloween

And Justin went as Bamm-Bamm Rubble.

If there's one time of the year that we can count on Hailey and Justin Bieber's style to be in sync, it's Halloween. While they often look like they're going to two completely different events (she's in a dress and heels; he's in sweatpants and crocs), last night, they unexpectedly coordinated in matching couple's costumes. 



Attending magazine editor Vas Morgan and actor Michael Braun's Halloween party in Los Angeles, Hailey and Justin went as Pebbles Flinestone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble (the two characters end up getting married in the Flinestones franchise). Hailey, for her part, put a sexy spin on the cartoon character's signature lime green top and teal bloomers with latex versions of each. On top, she wore a green crop top with a black half-moon pattern, and, on bottom, she opted for a blue, skintight miniskirt with a jagged hemline. She added a red bob wig with choppy bangs, and accessorized with white heels and her go-to "B" diamond-encrusted necklace. 



Meanwhile, Justin went shirtless, wearing only a small piece of animal-printed fabric around his waist, as well as a matching backwards baseball cap. 

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Earlier this week, Hailey addressed her and Justin's uncoordinated couple's style while speaking with GQ. “It’s so funny because I see so many people talk about this," she said, before explaining that Justin usually the one that gets dressed first. "He may want to wear baggy sweats to dinner, and I might want to wear a tiny little dress just because that’s how I’m feeling," she continued. "We can’t sit there and be like, ‘So I’m going to wear this and you’re going to wear this.’"

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