Hailee Steinfeld says '80s music is a big part of Transformers spin-off 'Bumblebee'

Sam Ashurst

Hailee Steinfeld is about to hit cinemas in Pitch Perfect 3 (out on 20 December).

Her character, Emily, rejoins the Bellas to take part in another high-stakes a capella singing competition.

We asked Steinfeld if she’d like to see a spin-off movie for Emily – and she was enthusiastic about the idea, telling us: “Yes, absolutely. That sounds like a big idea, but I like it. Emily is so amazing, and driven, and talented, I think she would have a lot to offer, so that would be pretty cool to see if that happens.”

Hailee Steinfeld talks Bumblebee: The Movie at the Pitch Perfect 3 junket (Universal).

But while we wait for that to get the greenlight, we’ll next see Hailee in Transformers: Bumblebee. And, as it turns out, that film has a connection to Pitch Perfect 3

“My [Bumblebee] character, Charlie, is very influenced by music – I don’t even know that she has a t-shirt that doesn’t have a band on it. It takes place in the ‘80s, so ‘80s bands are a big influence on the movie.”

We first saw one of those ‘80s band t-shirts in the first official image, that Hailee released via her own social media account.

It was a big moment for the actress, was she nervous?

“I was a bit nervous. It was funny because sometimes they’ll do an official release of an on set photo, but I knew I was going to be giving updates from set, so I wanted to give them a full image of who she was before they saw me with this wig on, and these clothes, so they knew who they were dealing with before I went into it. So I wanted to take a casual photo and show them.”

“I was nervous – but more excited, because I’d created this character with the help of my director and the team, so I was excited to share – I really can’t wait for them to see the movie.”

To find out why Hailee signed up for Bumblebee in the first place, check out the video at the top of the article for an explanation, and more direct Transformers news. And check out Pitch Perfect 3 when it lands in UK cinemas on 20 December, just in time for Christmas.

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