Hail to the King: Kong Skull Island concept art shows iconic ape on a throne

Ben Skipper
Perhaps the most striking image from the new concept art. (Credit: Eddie Del Rio)

The iconic star of monster hit ‘Kong: Skull Island’ was once envisioned as a more regal, literal king, according to new concept art released online.

One of the film’s best assets is its visual design, brought to life from concept art like this by cinematographer Larry Fong and ‘The Kings of Summer’ director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

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It seems they were inspired at least in part by concept art like the following, which has been published by io9.

Among the gorgeous images are scenes and shots that will be familiar to those who’ve seen the film – which enjoyed a successful first weekend at the box office.

These include shots from the helicopter attack near the film’s start, shots of Kong looming large over Skull Island’s scenery and scenes from a late action scene involving a mass monster grave, some poisonous gas and a slow-motion Tom Hiddleston.

Drawn by artist Eddie Del Rio, there are also several images showing Kong in a more regal fashion, even sitting in a throne overlooking a native settlement. In another shot, Skull Island’s natives are seen kneeling before and bowing to Kong.

The idea was clearly abandoned for the final film, in which Kong’s role as “king” of the island is less of a ruler and more of a protector – one clearly at the top of the food chain.

Another shot of a more regal Kong (Credit: Eddie Del Rio)
An image that would become one of the film’s first posters. (Credit: Eddie Del Rio)
From the initial attack on the human’s helicopter convoy. (Credit: Eddie Del Rio)
This shot exists in the final film pretty much as is, with Tom Hiddleston’s James Conrad wielding the machete. (Credit: Eddie Del Rio)
The bones of Kong’s parents, as also seen in the final film. (Credit: Eddie Del Rio)


‘Kong: Skull Island’ is in cinemas now.