‘Haikyu The Movie: Decisive Battle At The Garbage Dump’: Plot Details, Release Date, Trailer And More

Haikyu Movie
Haikyu Movie

Haikyu fans, assemble! While we were just coming to terms with the end of the popular volleyball-based anime series, it looks like we are not yet done with Shoyo Hinata’s story. We are getting a two-part movie that will follow the events of the fourth season and we honestly couldn’t be more excited. Dubbed Haikyu The Movie: The Battle at the Garbage Dump, the upcoming movie will be released next year.

So, without further ado, here is a lowdown on Haikyu‘s new movie, including its plot details, release date and returning voice cast.

‘Haikyu The Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump’: What will be its plot?

Haikyu Movie
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Haikyu follows the story of Shoyo Hinata, who becomes obsessed with volleyball after watching the Karasuno High School playing in Nationals on television. During middle school, he joins the volleyball club and suffers a crushing defeat at the hands of his rival Tobio Kageyama. Years later, he joins the Kurasuno High School’s volleyball team in order to take revenge from Kageyama. But here’s the exciting twist: Kageyama is also on Kurasuno’s team! Soon, the former rivals form a legendary duo with Hinata’s mobility and Kageyama’s precision ball-handling combining to take on the local tournaments.

The fourth season of the anime series focused on Karasuno’s journey to the Nationals. To summarise its plot, the team managed to advance to the third round, defeating the Inarizaki team. Now, the movie will pick up from here to cover the keenly awaited clash between the Karasuno and Nekoma teams.

Additionally, the movie’s name is derived from Chapter 294 in the manga series titled Haikyu!! Gomisuteba no Kessen (The Dumpster Battle). So, those who have read the manga series will have a fair idea of what will be part of the movie’s storyline.


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When is ‘Haikyu The Movie’ releasing?

Haikyu Movie
Image credit: IMDb

During the Haikyu!! Festa 2023 event, the anime franchise announced that Haikyu The Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump will be released on February 16 2024 in Japan. As of now, there is no release date for the overseas audiences. So, it seems like international audiences will have to be a bit more patient for an update on the anime film’s worldwide release.

Additionally, the trailer for the upcoming Haikyu movie was recently dropped. It offers a sneak peek into the impending Nationals showdown between the Karasuno team, led by Hinata, and the Nezuko team from Kenma.

Who is in the voice cast of ‘Haikyu The Movie’?

Haikyu The Movie will feature the same cast as the anime series with Ayumu Murase as Shoyo Hinata, Kaito Ishikawa as Tobio Kageyama, Kōki Uchiyama as Kei Tsukishima,  Soma Saito as Tadashi Yamaguchi, Satoshi Hino as Daichi Sawamura, Miyu Irino as Kōshi Sugawara, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Asahi Azumane and Sumire Morohoshi as Hitoka Yachi. 

Watch the trailer below:

(Hero and feature image credits: Courtesy IMDb/Haikyu)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Is Haikyu coming out with a movie?
Haikyu The Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump is an upcoming anime film set to release in 2024.

– What is the title of the Haikyuu movie?
Haikyu The Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump is the title of the upcoming Haikyu movie.

– Will there be season 5 of Haikyu?
Season 5 of Haikyu will not be happening but a two-part film will serve as the follow-up to the events of season 4.

– Why is it called Haikyu?
Haikyu is Japanese for volleyball.