Hackney mayor suspended by Labour after photo emerges of him partying with paedophile councillor

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville pictured (right) at a Eurovision party with Thomas Dewey (left)  (Handout)
Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville pictured (right) at a Eurovision party with Thomas Dewey (left) (Handout)

The Mayor of Hackney was suspended by the Labour party on Thursday after a photo emerged of him partying with a former councillor who had been arrested in a child pornography sting two weeks previously.

The image shows Philip Glanville with Tom Dewey apparently at a Eurovision event. It was posted on Facebook on May 14, 2022, when the final, which was won by Ukraine, took place.

Dewey was arrested in a National Crime Agency raid on his home in Hackney on April 29, 2022, a week before he was elected a councillor in the borough.

Last month the 36-year-old, from Hampshire, admitted downloading “sadistic” images of children being sexually abused as well as a cache of violent pornographic photos.

Mr Glanville, who shared a house with Dewey, had previously stated that he did not know about the arrest before Hackney council were informed of the NCA raid on May 13, the day before the Eurovision party took place.

Labour was notified on May 16 by the council’s Chief Executive that Dewey had been arrested and he was suspended from the party.

Mr Glanville told a council meeting earlier this year: “I was not made aware of the police investigation until after the May 2022 elections when I was told by the council.” He added he had been “angry, shocked and appalled” by the news.

A party source today said: “Labour has taken immediate action in all aspects of this case."

In a statement Mr Glanville said: “Being with Tom Dewey at all on May 14 was clearly an error of judgement for which I wholeheartedly apologise.

“I was told of his arrest, but not the full extent of the charges, in a brief discussion with the council chief executive the same day.

“I shouldn’t have been at the event in which we were photographed but I did so as I feared to cancel the event, or not attend myself, may alert Tom to what I knew, during what I understood to be a live criminal case.

“This does not alter the fact I had no involvement in the case, and shouldn’t deter from the actions, including moving out of the house the following day, as well as others I have taken since his resignation and conviction, which I have made clear in previous statements.”

Dawn Carter-McDonald, Hackney’s Interim Chief Executive, said: “The Council is aware that the directly-elected has been suspended from the Labour Party.

“According to the Council’s Constitution he remains the elected Mayor of Hackney. The Council remains focused on ensuring we continue to provide the best services for our residents.”

At Dewey’s sentencing on August 15 this year Recorder Jonathan Ashley-Norman KC said the ex councilor had “taken commendable steps since your arrest to demonstrate your efforts to address your offending behaviour”.

“Your actions have had a devastating impact on your life, and on the lives of your closest family”, he added.

“I recognise the steps you have taken in order to turn your life around.”

NCA officers had seized two laptops, two tablets and a hard drive containing 249 indecent images of children, including five in the most serious category involving sadistic abuse.

Dewey had also downloaded 78 extreme pornographic images involving violence and graphic injuries as well as sex with animals, and 1523 CGI and cartoon images involving the sexual abuse of children.

Prosecutor Margia Mostafa told Wood Green crown court: “On April 29, 2022, NCA officers received four cyber tipline reports identifying the user of an online Google account.

“The user had uploaded indecent prohibited images of children to his online storage.”

The Standard has approached Mr Glanville for further comment.