Gyosho Fukui Food Fair 2022 brings special Japanese food products to Isetan Scotts

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The Gyosho Fukui Food Fair 2022 has arrived in Singapore! From 22 July to 4 August 2022, indulge yourself in a bevy of Japanese food products from the Fukui Prefecture in Japan.

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The fair will be happening at Isetan Scotts Supermarket in Orchard, with products from 15 leading manufacturers from Fukui, including cakes, sake, crab, mackerel and desserts.

gyosho fukui food fair 2022 - mackerel sushi

If you’re a lover of Japanese seafood, be sure to check out products like the Original Grilled Mackerel Sushi (S$25.80 per roll) by Star Foods, made with thick mackerel grilled over charcoal and Koshihikari rice grown in Fukui, and the Mackerel Heshiko (S$24.80 for 300g) by Chidori-en, a fermented mackerel marinated in a secret sauce.

You can even expect to find Echizen Seiko Crab by Santan Honten, which is a kind of luxury canned crab meat in which female crabs are boiled in salt and the crab meat is carefully removed by hand.

gyosho fukui food fair 2022 - round bread

Enjoy delicious baked goods at the Gyosho Fukui Food Fair like 100% Rice Flour Castella Cake (S$4.95 for 100g) from the traditional 148-year-old Japanese sweets shop Takeuchi Kashiho, and Round Bread (S$20 per roll) from Okawa Bread, made using soft water from the Kuzuryu River.

Little ones can also look forward to having the Dinosaur Excavation Pudding (S$10 for 75g) from INOUE, a smooth and silky pudding created to promote Fukui, the “dinosaur kingdom”.

Of course, no food fair is complete without some good ol’ alcohol. The alcohols available include Wakasa Plum Wine (S$32 for 500ml) from Eco Farm Mikata, which is made from a rare variety of plums called Benisashi Ume, KOKURYU Daiginjo & Junmai Sake from Kokuryu Brewery, a brand that has been producing sake in Eiheiji Town for 218 years, and Sakahomare from Tanabe Shuzo, a sake that won the gold medal at the KuraMaster 2021 sake contest in France.

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