Your guide to Cheung Chau, Hong Kong’s seafood paradise

There’s a lot to see and do just outside the bustling melting pot of the East. And while Lantau Island may be the easiest to visit if you’re in Hong Kong, Cheung Chau is the breath of fresh air you need. So, if you think the annual Bun Festival is the only reason to visit Cheung Chau, it is time to change your mind!

From gorgeous landscapes to a colonial stay, this charming island is perfect for every gourmand looking for a relaxing staycation. Clueless about how to get around this idyllic paradise? We have rounded up all the best things to do and places to eat at Cheung Chau, Hong Kong in this guide.

Cheung Chau guide: Places to visit

1. Lounge on the Reclining Rock

Cheung Chau’s western coastline has a group of eroded, blush-coloured rocks. Take a walk from the island’s main pier, set up a picnic, and lounge all day in the fresh air.

2. Visit Pirate’s Cave

The well-paved path weaving through geo-rock formations leads you to Pirate’s Cave, a former hideout of a famous pirate. Follow the signs towards Cheung Po Tsai Cave, also known as Pirate’s Cave. The coastline is perfect for a sun-soaked lazy adventure.  

3. Explore the coastline on a bike

Nothing beats exploring Cheung Chau’s gorgeous coastline on a bike. Rend a bike from the pier dotted with bike rental shops. You could also rent the iconic ‘tricycle’ if you have children in tow.

Cheung Chau
Cheung Chau

4. Glamp in a geodesic dome

Glamping is the perfect way to unwind in the lap of nature. With a plethora of glamping options, the island will spoil you for choice. Set in the heart of the island, you can also stay in a geodesic dome with spectacular coastline views. Experience an authentic camp atmosphere, and pick activities to suit your level of adventure, from water sports to archery.

5. Explore the century-old temples

The island boasts some iconic, century-old temples. The Tin Hau Temple and the Pak Tai Temple will blow your mind with their history and architecture.

5. Trek to North Lookout Pavilion

After treating yourself to local specialties, burn calories by walking along the Cheung Chau Family Trail. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can take a short hike up to North Lookout Pavilion, the highest point on the island.

6. Stay in gorgeous Airbnb properties

If you are not taking it slow, are you even living an island life? Cheung Chau has gorgeous stays open for visitors. Surrounded by quaint hills and villages, the many of these properties overlooks a cliff, complete with a rooftop, a large deck, and a dining space. 

What to eat in Cheung Chau?

While Cheung Chau was once a sleepy fishing village, it has become synonymous with lively food stalls and cafes. Cheung Shau is a foodie’s paradise, from Cantonese seafood feasts to artisanal desserts. 

Cheung Chau has an endless row of street food vendors offering signature dishes. First, take a culinary walk on the square across from the ferry pier and the Tai San Praya Road to savour giant fish balls, frozen fruit slices, red bean pastries and mango mochis. Then, head to Cheung Chau Seafood Street, right by the pier, for a fresh catch. 

Where to shop?

Island Workbench celebrates Cheung Chau’s local artisans. Here you can get your hands on everything from bags, jewellery, stationery and accessories—including tote bags made from recycled fishing nets.

How to get to Cheung Chau?

Hop on the 35-minute ferry from Central for a redux. Both the fast (35minutes) and slow ferries (55minutes) leave from Central Pier 5 (for HK$13.20)

Traveller tip: Remember the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival, which involves, among other things, a bun-scrambling contest.

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