Your guide to buying the best watches for your collection of exquisite timepieces

One of the best luxury watches by Baume & Mercier
One of the best luxury watches by Baume & Mercier

Designed in a blend of luxurious craftsmanship and reliable functionality, a watch is a staple in every man’s closet whether he’s a modern-day accessory aficionado or someone who likes to keep his style quotient simple. For how it elevates their looks with its understated opulence, a watch for men also makes for a popular and fail-safe choice for styling.

The watch landscape is a vast and profound universe in itself that greatly influences the fashion dynamics of the world. It offers a sea of options for men to choose from with a myriad of styles, designs and remarkable collaborations sprucing up the horology design space. From robust sports timepieces and state-of-the-art smartwatches to top notch chronographs, ergonomic dive and aviation timepieces and simplistic dressy perpetual calendars, the options are umpteen. Not to forget the distinctive and varying materials used for cases and bands and watch movements that further widens the assortment to pick a few from.

How to choose the best watches for men?

Because choosing a fair few pieces to build your own timepiece collection from such a huge pool of options can be a tad bit daunting, we’ve curated a quick guide to help you manoeuvre through various brand collections without any hassle.

  • Types of watches

An essential aspect to consider when buying a watch, especially if it is your first, is the kind of watch you want. There are largely two types to choose from — analogue and digital.

While a digital watch displays the time electronically showing only hours and minutes (sometimes even seconds), an analogue watch shows time using the hands (hours, minutes and seconds). Such a wristwatch also comes with an additional function of a stopwatch, also known as a chronograph watch. Other types include a touchscreen smartwatch and a hybrid of analogue and digital watches.

  • Size and comfort

You might choose for yourself the most impressive, trending or high-tech watch but, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, then it is just not the right one for you. For instance, if you have slimmer wrists, opt for smaller dials and thinner straps instead of oversized and bulky ones (unless that’s specifically what you desire and feel comfortable with). Always choose the size of the watch according to your wrists and pick a watch that looks flattering.

  • Watch movement

Generally, there are two different mechanisms (or movements) that watch designs are based on — quartz and mechanical. Quartz, the most common, is known for its durability and accuracy and is powered by a battery. Mechanical, on the other hand, has a rotor that spins with the help of your wrist movement. The basic difference between the two can be observed by the motion of the second hand, which ‘ticks’ in quartz timepieces and is a smooth sweeping motion in mechanical, automatic ones.

  • Occasion, design and material

The design and material of the watch depend on your utility. For instance, if you’re looking for an everyday watch, you should pick one that’s fashioned in a rather practical and lightweight design. If you’re looking for a timepiece for formal and social occasions, you can pick more designer pieces and maybe oversized ones.

Similarly, while a functional and sturdy sports watch makes for a better choice for an active lifestyle, a smartwatch should be your go-to if you want the ease of a phone on your wrist when on the go.

When it comes to materials, watch straps come in a variety of options, including stainless steel bracelets, leather straps, mesh-textured fabric straps and silicone bands. Each of these materials lend a distinguished look.

The only guide you need to choosing the best watches for men

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