Guide To Building Genshin Impact’s Kirara: Weapons, Ascension Materials, And Artifacts

Dive into the magical world of Teyvat as we embark on a comprehensive journey to build one of Genshin Impact‘s newest characters, Kirara.

Phase 1 of Genshin Impact’s 3.7 update has arrived, and we’re all excited to meet Kirara, the lovely kitty delivery girl from the Komaniya Express, the famous delivery company in Inazuma, who possesses a Dendro sword. She will be one of the featured 4-star characters on Yoimiya’s and Yae Miko’s banners.

Kirara possesses an elemental skill that offers a high capacity for damage absorption, specifically with respect to Dendro damage, as its efficiency is directly proportional to her maximum health points (HP). This makes her one of the best shield supports in the game.

Navigating the landscapes of Teyvat also becomes notably easier with Kirara’s distinct exploration skill. She can transform into a cat-themed parcel, which remarkably reduces stamina usage and effortlessly scales walls, making it an exceptionally handy ability for exploration.

From weapons to ascension materials and artifacts, this guide offers step-by-step instructions, tailored strategies, and expert advice to turn Kirara into a durable Dendro shielder for your team.

Character Ascension Materials






3x Amakumo Fruit, 3x Spectral Husk



3x Nagadus Emerald Fragment, 15x Spectral Husk, 10x Amakumo Fruit, 2x Evergloom Ring



6x Nagadus Emerald Fragment, 12x Spectral Heart, 20x Amakumo Fruit, 4x Evergloom Ring



3x Nagadus Emerald Chunk, 18x Spectral Heart, 30x Amakumo Fruit, 8x Evergloom Ring



6x Nagadus Emerald Chunk, 12x Spectral Nucleus, 45x Amakumo Fruit, 12x Evergloom Ring



6x Nagadus Emerald Gemstone, 24x Spectral Nucleus, 60x Amakumo Fruit, 20x Evergloom Ring

Talent Ascension Materials






3x Teachings of Transience, 6x Spectral Husk



2x Guide to Transience, 3x Spectral Heart



4x Guide to Transience, 4x Spectral Heart



6x Guide to Transience, 6x Spectral Heart



9x Guide to Transience, 9x Spectral Heart



4x Philosophies of Transience, 4x Spectral Nucleus, 1x Everamber



6x Philosophies of Transience, 6x Spectral Nucleus, 1x Everamber



12x Philosophies of Transience, 9x  Spectral Nucleus, 2x Everamber



16x Philosophies of Transience, 12x  Spectral Nucleus, 2x Everamber, 1x Crown of Insight

Where To Farm Kirara’s Materials

Amakumo Fruit

For those aiming to enhance Kirara, Seirai Island proves to be a fruitful region to farm for Amakumo Fruit. The vicinity surrounding Amakumo Peak, the habitat of Thunder Manifestation, is an ideal location to harvest these necessary fruits.

Spectral Husk, Spectral Heart, Spectral Nucleus

Collecting the Spectral set involves defeating Specters, a prevalent foe within Inazuma. To efficiently locate their spawning points, it is highly advisable to utilise the Genshin Impact interactive map. Farming Specters can be challenging with melee characters since these foes possess the ability to levitate and recuperate health. Hence, incorporating characters with long-range attack abilities, like those equipped with bows, into your party will be beneficial.

Evergloom Ring

Acquiring this mystical weapon involves defeating the Four-Armed Envoy of Dark Tidings, also known as an Iniquitous Lustrators, a new boss introduced in the Genshin Impact 3.6 update.

Nagadus Emeralds

Any Dendro character must ascend using the Nagadus Emerald jewels. These jewels are dropped by the Jadeplume Terrorshroom and Dendro Hypostasis, but players can also purchase Dust of Azoth from the Stardust Exchange and convert other kinds of jewels.

Talent Ascension Materials

Kirara’s ascension books are Teachings of Transience, Guide to Transience, and Philosophies of Transience, all of which are available from the Violet Court domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

The Everamber, a new weekly boss drop from the Dragon of Verdure: Apep is also required. Do note that you will have to finish Act 2 of Nahidah’s Story Quest to unlock this boss.

A Crown of Insight is needed for each level 10 talent, which can be obtained during limited-time events.

Best Kirara Weapon

Our emphasis on Kirara’s HP% stems from the fact that her shield scales with her HP. To achieve higher HP, it’s crucial to prioritise a weapon with a high HP%.

Kirara’s optimal weapon of choice is the Key of Khaj-Nisut. While this weapon is primarily associated with the five-star Hydro character Nilou, it is also a remarkable match for Kirara.

The sword significantly boosts health, fitting Kirara’s abilities ideally, and enhances elemental mastery, enhancing her supportive role.

The Key of Khaj-Nisut carries the “Sunken Song of the Sands” capability, which bolsters the wielder’s health points by 20 percent and features health points as its upgradeable statistic. Upon successful impact of an elemental skill on an opponent, the Grand Hymn effect comes into play for a duration of 20 seconds.

Best Kirara Artifacts

Kirara’s optimal artifact configuration is the Tenacity of the Millelith set. The two-piece effect boosts the wearer’s HP by 20 percent, and the four-piece effect enhances the attack of all party members by 20 percent, and amplifies their shield strength by 30 percent for 3 seconds once an elemental skill lands successfully on a foe. This effect can be triggered every 0.5 seconds, even if the wielder isn’t in active combat.

Generally, players will prefer to stick to the two-piece configuration of this set, unless the four-piece configuration aligns with a particular Kirara build. Considering Kirara’s HP scaling, combining the two-piece Tenacity of the Millelith set with another HP-focused two-piece set, such as Vourukasha’s Glow, is highly recommended.

Kirara is now featured on the first banner of the 3.7 update, which went live on 24 May 2023. Alhaitham will be featured in the second phase, and you can refer to his guide here.

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