Gucci now has its very own signature cocktail – by the world’s best bar, no less

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connaught bar gucci cocktail Elisir d’Elicriso
connaught bar gucci cocktail Elisir d’Elicriso

Hot on the heels on its much-hyped collaboration with Adidas, Gucci is now making waves with yet another power coupling.

This time, it’s with famed mixologist Giorgio Bargiani of London’s Connaught Bar —  the world’s best bar — whom Gucci has roped in to create its first-ever signature cocktail christened Elisir d’Elicriso.

The pre-mixed cocktail was developed for Gucci Giardano 25, the Italian fashion house’s café and bar in Florence, Italy. Presented in an elegant glass bottle, the pretty pink-hued concoction features a blend of botanicals, Mediterranean herbs, vetiver, and essential oil obtained from helichrysum italicum — a plant known for its earthy, spicy scent.

The cocktail derives its name from the latter, which translates to “l’elicriso italiano” in Italian. According to Gucci, the herbaceous libation is meant to “evoke the lush gardens of Tuscany” and is “complex yet light and sweet on the palate”.

In an Instagram post, Bargiani recommended several ways to savour the drink — in a martini-style cocktail, on the rocks, as a spritz with a champagne top, or as a highball with tonic water.

“Gucci and I share the same Tuscan roots, and we have the same vision, in pursuing excellence, looking for elegance without being stuck in the past, and always craving for innovation,” said Bargiani in an interview with WWD.

Where to try Gucci’s signature cocktail Elisir d’Elicriso

Elisir d’Elicriso is now on the menu at Gucci Giardano 25, and can be purchased in its bottled form at the bar or online for €140 (approx. S$198). The Gucci Osteria e-shop also offers it. The cocktail is unfortunately only available within Italy at the moment, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’ll eventually make its way to our part of the world.

(Images: Gucci)

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