Guardiola likens Manchester City’s match against Chelsea to ‘serving to win Wimbledon’

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Man City boss Pep Guardiola celebrates a goal Credit: Alamy
Man City boss Pep Guardiola celebrates a goal Credit: Alamy

Pep Guardiola has likened Manchester City’s match against Chelsea on Sunday to serving “to win Wimbledon” in tennis as his side prepare for title glory.

The Citizens will win the Premier League title if Arsenal lose at Nottingham Forest on Saturday or Guardiola’s side defeat Chelsea on Sunday.

Man City will be on a high when they come up against the Blues after destroying La Liga giants Real Madrid 4-0 in their Champions League semi-final second leg to move into next month’s final in Istanbul.

When asked whether he has calmed down since Wednesday, Guardiola replied: “Calmed down? It’s non stop, of course we are satisfied to play the CL final. It’s non-stop, now is coming the most difficult thing.

“Tennis players say to serve to win Wimbledon is the most difficult one. On Sunday, the game is in our ands to win the most important competitions. It’s 10/11 months, every week. We’re lucky to have the chance to finish at home with our people. We have to take it.”

On whether he ever doubted his ability to be successful in England, Guardiola added: “I love myself a lot, I never thought. I love myself a lot, I think we do a good job, but expectations. I arrive with no expectations, do whatever you want.

“I could not imagine, with players and people here, to do what we have done in the Premier League. I realise after 5, 6, 7 games in the PL, how tough is that. Learn quick, players and teams. Every day was a little better, try to arrive a little better. Do better than yesterday, the players feel it and we can achieve it.

“You never think the start of the season how it’s going to be. Now we know, three games away to win all the titles. How we prepare and arrive as best as possible to these games.

“Every game we win helps for the next one. Winning the PL as quick as possible helps the next games, the FA Cup and CL. I want to see the team still focussed. The biggest compliments when you win, disaster when you lose. We cannot forget the reality.

“The reality is United, Aston Villa. Chelsea didn’t do the season they could imagine but it’s Chelsea. The players are there, I’m not confused with the table. Perform like the last weeks, we will be there. Can celebrate something unique, at home not away. Football is emotions, if we can do it at home we have to do it.”

On whether he’ll be watching the Forest match against Arsenal, Guardiola continued: “I don’t think. Maybe we do a breakfast. I don’t think so because we have a game the day after. Chelsea deserve it. In my mind, I’d like to feel we have to win to be champions and that’s what we need to think, we can not control Nottingham. It does not matter what happens in Nottingham we have do our job, win our game.

“I don’t have it” [a bottle of champagne on ice], becuase three days later we have Brighton and Brighton can be a big thing if you’re not yourself. We have time at the end of the season to celebrate. Tomorrow we can win, celebrate in the stadium with our people. Don’t have time with the team.”

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