'GTA' roleplay mode is attracting high-profile streamers and causing a stir on Twitch. But what exactly is it?

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GTA V RP gameplay is a real-time experience in which the main challenges are staying in character, responding to jokes, and keeping up with the story.

"GTA V" usually gives gamers a chance to cut loose as faithless and depraved villains, but now the video game's role-play (RP) mode is offering a chance to experiment with more mild-mannered roles. Acting as policemen, ambulance drivers and students, RP players have to stay in character as convincingly as possible. The trend is attracting a following on Twitch and Youtube, including some high-profile streamers.

No more driving like a maniac, and no more brawling with strangers. In the fictional city of Los Santos where gamers have long been used to stealing cars and holding up grocery stores, change may be on the way. In "Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay" ("GTA V RP"), long-standing tradition in the game's solo and multiplayer modes has been thrown to the winds. In "GTA RP," you take on a role and play it for real.

The runaway success of the new game mode has caused quite a stir with LeBron James, Travis Scott and big names in gaming getting on board.

Roleplay mode is not new, however the popularity of Twitch and the spontaneous entertainment it provides have given it a new lease of life.

On Twitch, it is the second most-watched game worldwide with 61.24 million hours viewed in seven days. And the entertainment it offers has a real-time quality with all of the story, jokes, and plot twists of a reassuringly familiar TV series.

An exclusive circle

It is certainly easy to enjoy watching roleplay mode, but joining in as a player is quite another story. There are plenty of servers, but they are all regulated by highly specific rules.

"You'll need to act your heart out to be one with the flow. Most RP servers come with their own set of rules that you must comply with. Going rogue might get you kicked or banned from the servers," points out specialist website Dotesports.com

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