GTA 5 turns 10 this weekend, and GTA 6 fans have high expectations for a reveal

 GTA Online new cars - Coil Inductor
GTA Online new cars - Coil Inductor

GTA 5 fans are setting themselves up for almost inevitable disappointment by hoping for a GTA 6 announcement this coming Sunday.

This Sunday, September 17, somehow marks 10 years since GTA 5 first stormed onto the scene (yes, it really has been that long). Rockstar announced earlier today that GTA Online would be getting celebratory weapons and outfits themed around GTA 5 to ring in its tenth year, but all fans really want is the sweet release of finally seeing something of GTA 6.

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"Celebrate 10 years by announcing GTA 6," reads one particularly demanding tweet underneath Rockstar's announcement. "Please tell me we’re getting a GTA 6 trailer on Sunday," adds another Twitter user, alongside another chiming in with "Just give us GTA6 news already bruh."

There's a horde of people getting their hopes up for a GTA 6 reveal at the end of the week. Just to help temper those expectations: we're almost certainly not getting a GTA 6 reveal this Sunday, and I think everyone sort of knows that, even if they don't want to admit it. The only time a major company like Rockstar makes an announcement on the weekend is if it's part of a showcase like E3, and I'm pretty sure that's not happening this weekend.

Thinking back to Red Dead Redemption 2's reveal, Rockstar kicked off the process of announcing the game by tweeting out a picture of their famed logo, but in red. I don't imagine we'll get quite another lowkey beginning to GTA 6's reveal, but if we really were getting a full reveal for the most anticipated game on the planet within 48 hours from now, Rockstar would've kickstarted the process already.

Sorry GTA 6 fans, this coming Sunday probably won't be the day you finally see the long-awaited new game. Keep your head up though - GTA 6 could still launch before March 2025, if Rockstar's past financial plotting is anything to go by.

One leaked GTA 6 screenshot survived a copyright onslaught from Rockstar earlier this week, and we're still not sure how or why.