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Problem: Fecal matter

There’s no pleasant way to say this: 60 per cent of toothbrushes in a shared bathroom contain fecal matter. Even more disgusting is that there’s an 80 per cent probability that it’s someone else’s fecal matter. Not only is this truly disgusting, it can make you ill.

The gross bacteria living on your toothbrush (and how to avoid them)

We all know it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene for our health, which means regular brushing and check-ups at the dentist. Bonus points if you’re among the few that actually floss.

But even if you are doing all of these things, there’s a good chance your toothbrush is harbouring some unpleasant bacteria. In fact, studies show that the average toothbrush can have over 10 million bacteria living in it, including Staphylococcus and E. coli. Yuck!

Take a look through our slideshow to see the harm an old toothbrush can cause you as well as how to keep your mouth in top shape!

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