Gregory Wong in need of jobs to pay legal fees

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

16 Dec – Gregory Wong recently went on social media to express his concern over the burden of legal fees for his upcoming trial.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who has yet to go on trial for breaching the Legislative Council as part of the 1 July protests, shared the bad news on 15 December, writing, "Since I will not be getting much assistance, I will have to face the burden of huge legal fees in the future. I am in need of a lot of job opportunities."

When netizens suggested that he started a crowdfunding campaign, Gregory stressed that he would rather work to earn the money rather than ask people for it.

Meanwhile, others recommended that he launched an auction, with some expressing their interest to help him with it.

When contacted by the media following his announcement, Gregory shared that he was previously represented by various lawyers pro bono. However, now that they are fighting charge of insurrection, he has to pay legal fees up to HKD1 million.

"The payment will have to be made after Friday's court session. I have to work hard to help make up for the fees," he said.

(Photo Source: Gregory Wong Instagram)

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