Greg Gutfeld Says if Democrats Really Believe Trump Is ‘Worse Than Hitler,’ They Have a Moral Duty to Rig Elections: ‘You Should Cheat’

Greg Gutfeld went mega-meta on “The Five” this week, saying Democrats would have “a moral duty” to cheat in elections if they truly believe that Donald Trump is as evil as they make him out to be. And as is often the case with Gutfeld’s labyrinthian sense of humor, he was making the point to make another point – one that was far more nakedly political.

But his first point was at least sincere: “You have people saying the country will not survive Trump, then your moral duty is to cheat,” said Gutfeld, one of four co-hosts on the Fox roundtable show, said during Monday’s show. “Right? If you go around telling everybody this person is a modern-day Hitler, it is your duty to do whatever is possible to stop him … in fact, if you actually play by the rules, you’re a traitor.”

Surely you’ve caught on by now to the subtext that Gutfeld is seeding here: “They created a devil so big and so vast, it made all actions permissible, and it made every institution subject to suspicion,” he said. “You can bury stories, you can create hoaxes, you can fund smears … it can go anywhere because this person must be stopped! It’s Hitler! It’s an existential threat!”

“The Five” had been chatting about the report released this week by Special Counsel John Durham, which found the FBI had no factual evidence when it opened an investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016. Durham said the FBI “failed to act” on clear warning signs that it was being overly influenced by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and no evidence of collusion was ever presented.

“And none of it’s true, and so we had half a decade of this hoax … that infected an undermined every institution because we’re made to believe this person is evil,” Gutfeld continued. “And then people make fun of people who are skeptical about an election? Why shouldn’t they be skeptical when the DOJ and the FBI and the mainstream media and tech companies and the chamber of commerce are all in on the same thing?”

Ah, did you see what Gutfeld did there?

The whole thing was an elaborate setup to wave through anyone who might have questioned the 2020 election. Triple meaning score! Given that his comments were on a Fox News show it’s best that he didn’t continue any further down the rabbit hole, where names are at risk of being named.

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Watch the segment in the clip above.