Greg Gutfeld Jokes That He 'Hooked Up' With A GOP Lawmaker

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Thursday joked that he had sex with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), prompting viewers to say the “grossremark brought to mind the network’s history of sexual harassment. (Watch the video below.)

After discussing New York City Mayor Eric’s Adams “passion” for the migrant crisis issue, Gutfeld said on “The Five”: “That’s the most passionate I’ve seen a politician this year since I hooked up with Nancy Mace.”

Co-host Jesse Watters laughed.

“Greg!” a female co-host can be heard saying before a giggle.

“I’m kidding!” Gutfeld replied. “Come on, it’s ‘The Five.’”

Many observers of the clip, shared by the X account Decoding Fox News, were not amused. They called the comment “pathetic” and “disgusting.”

“He’s pushing it,” one wrote.

Another gave troubling context to Gutfeld’s tasteless jest, mentioning former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and multiple sexual harassment settlements at the network.

O’Reilly struck a $32 million agreement among several payouts involving him, and Fox News settled claims against the late CEO Roger Ailes for a reported $45 million as of May 2017. Recently ousted host Tucker Carlson has been accused in a lawsuit by former Fox News staffer Abby Grossberg of fostering a misogynistic work environment.

Mace made news recently by telling a prayer breakfast that she had to repel the morning advances of her boyfriend so she wouldn’t be late.