Green Lantern Was a 1 Out Of 10 Movie, Says Ryan Reynolds

‘Deadpool’ leading man Ryan Reynolds has never made any secret of his disappointment with his previous time in the title role of a superhero movie - 2011′s ‘Green Lantern.’

Quizzed about the movie again by US TV show Watch What Happens Live, Reynolds reiterated his feelings on the matter by rating the misconceived Warner Bros/DC movie a 1 out of 10.

Pondering the matter, Reynolds told host Andy Cohen, “I would give it a scant, four, maybe. Three or four. It didn’t work.”

Finally he decided, “A one, it’s a one.”

Again, this is hardly the first time (and we doubt it will be the last) that Reynolds has spoken derisively of the Martin Campbell-directed movie in which he donned a CGI suit (openly mocked in ‘Deadpool’) to protect Earth from hostile aliens.

Still, in another interview with Sirius XM (via Entertainment Weekly), Reynolds did try to put the whole thing in perspective.

“The movie obviously didn’t work… there’s still 150-200 people that work on movies like that, that work their ass off, and they’re all trying to make it as good as possible.

“It just suffers from that typical Hollywood disease, which is we get a poster, we get a release date, we get an actor, but we don’t have a script, but we’re just gonna start shooting anyway.

“That’s always tough; it’s hard to dig your way out of that.”

In any case Reynolds did take some positive things from the experience, most significantly that he met his future wife Blake Lively on set.

Though remembered as a flop, ‘Green Lantern’ made almost $220 million at the global box office - although it also cost a reported $200 million to make.

Reynolds’ latest superhero movie, the long-awaited ‘Deadpool,’ appears to be going down a lot better with audiences and critics in cinemas now.

Picture Credit: Warner Bros

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